Today’s art is a work in progress. I always have trouble cranking out any worthwhile personal art the last week of the month, because I’m working on stuff for The Monthly Muse. That will come to an end in January, so I won’t have that end of the month disruption. Meanwhile, I managed to get a few hours in on this canvas panel, during Friday’s art journaling meetup. I decided that I should do one of these Day of the Dead inspired pieces as wall art for my living room.

So. Today I’m 52. I thought I’d have some brilliant one-thing-every-week-for-a-year idea that would start today, but I don’t have one. Maybe it will come to me today.

Thanks to those of you who sent me cards. So far, that’s Jane Lorenzen, Jackie Poggensee, Mary Pendergrass, Cathy Peper, and Carolyn Huber. Also, Cindy Couling, whose package wasn’t specifically a birthday one, but it arrived this week, and it contained cool art. I love finding cool stuff in my mailbox, and to be honest, since I have no parents, children, or siblings, the only way my birthday gets celebrated these days is if I stand up and say something. Thanks for not letting my special day pass unnoticed.