Here’s one more set of pages from my book for The Sketchbook Project. It’s very timely. I went to my first vegan potluck with a group that formed recently in my neighborhood. Vegans in my neighborhood. In Texas. Go figure.

My garden calendar says that sometime in the next two weeks, I’m going to start planting cool weather crops. I have a little construction to do first, because the trellis I built for the peas last year is really too short. I’ll be sad to take it down, but I have an idea for one that arches over the pathways, which will look sort of cool, and make better use of the space.

Anyway, in the next couple of days, I’ll be finishing off the last two sets of pages in this little journal, and send it on its way to New York, where it will join hundreds of others. I’ll be both sad and relieved to see it go—and I’ll also have to find myself another journaling project before Friday’s art journal meeting. What’s next? I have several different journals on the work table, but I’m not sure which one to dive into first.

Look at me. I’m finally an art journaler. Sort of.