Here’s what’s on my work table this weekend: a book for a dark circle journal project I fell into on Facebook. I wanted to use a watercolor moleskine, but alas, nobody in my area had any in stock, and I’m in no mood to wait for Dick Blick to ship me one. So, I grabbed a pad of my favorite watercolor paper, split it in two to create long, skinny pages, then folded the sheets in half, and glued them back to back to create a big, chunky block of pages. Then I used the backing board from the pad to create the covers. Today is all about waiting for layers of paint to dry. And sealer. And glue. I’m hoping to have a finished book before I go to bed tonight.

So, this project is with a bunch of people I only sort of know from other groups, or don’t know at all, but they know people I know. We formed our own little secret group on Facebook so we can keep organized, and this weekend, we’ve been getting to know each other. One thing I’ll say for projects organized on Facebook: they’re social. Also, it’s nice to be in a controlled environment where sharing posts and other people’s pics is a no-no, and saying cuss words is OK.

One of my former students hit me up to be her encaustic buddy this summer. We have a local encaustic center that has open studio time, and since I’d much rather make a waxy mess in someone else’s studio than mine, I naturally said yes. We took an encaustic class together ages ago, and I’ve been wanting to get back to it, but beyond getting out the beeswax and doing my same old collage stuff with it, I haven’t. Too many art supplies, and not enough time!

It’s getting to be garden time, and I’m having a hard time starting, because my yard is infested with henbit, a cold-weather weed that reseeds itself with a vengeance. It was warm on Friday, so I went out and pulled two grocery bags of the scourge, and the front yard still looks like it’s being devoured by it. It’s even growing in the cracks between the boards of my raised beds. I’ll have to suck it up and do something about it soon, because peas and potatoes are supposed to go into the ground right now. Weeds must make way for food.

Anyway, I’m hoping to have some tall, skinny artwork in this book next week…