For the past year or so, I’ve been photographing my garden, as I take it from all grass (actually, it’s more like 98% weeds, 2% grass) to native and naturalized plants and no grass. I’ve been documenting the process at Lisa’s Garden, my blog dedicated to gardening.

Since seeing photos of Corinne’s garden sort of inspired me to think about doing something more than traditional landscaping with mine, I decided to do a layout in her book about colors that used only photos I’ve taken every month for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. On the 15th of every month, garden bloggers from around the world grab their cameras, and shoot photos of whatever is blooming in their yards. We post our photos on our blogs, then add a link to our Bloom Day posts at May Dreams Gardens. It’s a fabulous way to find other garden bloggers, see what’s blooming all over the world, and get a little cheering up when there’s nothing blooming in your own. I try to do it from March through the first freeze in November or December, when everything in my garden stops blooming. I used the photos from last year, and a few new ones from this month, for the layout in Corinne’s book.

I think I have one more set of pages left in me for this book, and then it will be time to send it home to Corinne. My little group is already planning the next round robin project, which looks like it will be smaller, but a little more challenging.

As always, all the work in this round robin can be found here.