This week, I did my last layout in my design team round robin. We’re already planning to do another project, starting in June, which will require us each to create a book from scratch. Since these ladies all like to bash weird things together, it should be pretty interesting to see how far each of us goes to interpret the word book. Corinne has already mentioned she might do a book from flattened soda cans. Be afraid.

The work shown here is my entry into the SPRING tip-in swap at Art Forty-Two. I’m doing the sorting of returns this afternoon. There were some interesting submissions for this project, and folks either nailed the theme or ignored it completely, which means I’m doing returns in two groups—those who clearly did SPRING pages, and those who didn’t. I’m hoping that means everyone will get back what they were expecting.

I spent this morning messaging back and forth with one participant whose package was mailed over a week ago, but hasn’t arrived. My tips for folks mailing swap items: take your packages to your post office, and have someone there weigh it, check that it’s being shipped at the proper rate, and pay the extra few cents for a delivery confirmation. I’ve seen more swap packages arrive late due to insufficient postage, or being sent as an envelope when it’s really a package.

And, for what it’s worth, it’s never your project host’s problem that your package doesn’t arrive by the deadline. It’s unfortunate when this happens, but it’s really up to each participant to get things into the host’s hands by the deadline—and to suck it up if it doesn’t make it. Yelling at the swap host doesn’t change that. Grr…