This week, I was thwarted from most of my creative pursuits by the one thing that can stop me: I was sick as a dog.

I don’t get sick often. Beyond the eternal battle against allergies, I’m a pretty healthy girl. I don’t have a lot of cold and flu solutions in my medicine cabinet, and I usually have to toss bottles of Tylenol before I use them all up, because they expire. So, when I do get sick, I’m sort of stuck, because I don’t have much to deal with it, and what I do have is so old I should throw it out rather than use it.

Anyway, whatever it was that hit me put me on my back in bed for three days, which made the dog very happy, and me completely miserable. Needless to say, everything I was working on this week is unfinished, and any new stuff I’d planned to start has been thrown on the pile of things I’d like to do, but didn’t have time. If I had to work my way to the bottom of that pile, I’m pretty sure that even as fast as I work, I’d have to live forever.

On the plus side, I lost five pounds, which I’m sure I’ve gained back, because once my stomach stopped hurting, I was starving.

A small victory: I did manage to stand up long enough to prep a bunch of cards for fabric postcards, and even make two fronts. They’re not as fabric-y or sew-y as I’d planned, but since the deadline for the fabric postcard swap I’m hosting is Friday, they’ll have to do. Maybe I’ll have time to haul out the sewing machine this week for the next batch. Maybe not.