I skipped posting here last week, because I was slaving away in my garden. We have so few nice, temperate days here in North Texas, and the temperatures are already starting to eek their way up into the way-too-hot-to-plant zone. There’s an old-timer rule about not turning on the air conditioner until Memorial Day. This might be one of those years when I cave in a week early, because it’s getting kinda steamy already.

Anyway, I’m shifting my focus from what can be done outside to what needs doing inside. I do a lot of cooking at home—even more now that I’ve started eating vegan—and have a ridiculous collection of recipes that are just notes on scraps of paper. For the last year or so, they’ve been stuffed into the back of my favorite cookbook, and to find what I need, I had to shuffle through the whole stack. Not practical, and kinda driving me crazy. I’ve been thinking that I should just glue them into a book, and maybe art them up, to do a sort of gluebook recipe book. Obviously, it hasn’t happened.

Last week, I found this at my local thrift store:

Since it was just two dollars, I bought it, thinking it might be something fun to alter at some point. It landed on my kitchen island, where it’s been parked ever since. At some point, I walked past it to grab a recipe book, and realized it would be ideal to organize my pile of hand scrawled notes, and that I could even keep it on the kitchen counter. Handy. I figured out how to lay the recipe cards out in Publisher, so that they would print out the proper size, and I could flip the cards over in the roller to read any instructions that overflowed onto the back side—although, to be perfectly honest, very few things I really cook take more than one or two steps, so most of the new cards are blank on the back. I printed the recipes on off-white cardstock, edged them with a little chalk ink, and stamped each one here and there. Pretty, organized, and ready to accept new additions as I find them: