2013-0608deadNot exactly new art today. I posted the uncolored version of this piece back in October. I added color that same week, and moved it to the chair in front of the sewing machine to work on something else—and it’s been sitting there ever since. Meanwhile, I’ve put something else on the front room wall where this was going to live, and swapped the furniture so that room is now the dining room. Now, I need artwork to go on a very yellow wall in what used to be the dining room, and is now the living room. Sort of.

Anyway, this is sort of halfway done, and I’ve grown to like it that way. I’m thinking of doing a little more black line work to fill out the hair, and leaving it at that. Or not. But either way, it really has to stop living in the sewing nook chair.

I’m having a little trouble getting back to personal artwork. I have three smaller canvases in this same vein that have been on my work table for two weeks. I got the background down, and the focal image, and then just need a coat of gesso to move them along. I’ve found every excuse under the sun not to gesso—sort of like I’ve found every excuse possible not to cut back the scruffy area in the front yard that is right in front of my office window, but I suppose that’s another story.

Mostly, I’m just too lazy to stand at my work table, and I’ve never been very good at sitting while I work, unless it’s sitting at the computer, which I appear to have mastered. Perhaps lazy is the wrong word here. Standing up for long periods still makes me tired, so I find excuses not to do it.

The weird thing about this is that ideas are pouring out of my head right now, for things that I can do at the computer. I can’t draw fast enough to get them all down, and since I tend to have a short attention span, I have about a dozen different ideas started. That makes me a little crazy, seeing half-finished things piling up. I know by the time I get back to them, my drawings will have evolved a little further, making what I’ve done already sort of useless.

Maybe I just need a good shaking to get the hamster wheel back in line again…