This is another 8×10 piece done on gessoed cardboard. Umm, my digital photography applied to the board, and colored with pastels. That’s what I’ve been doing most of lately. I’m playing with turning my photos into coloring pages, and then using them with pastels and other water soluble media. It’s sort of a bridge between collage and drawing.

I left this piece in the refrigerator case at my local Dollar Tree. This is sort of funny, because there’s absolutely nothing in this refrigerator that I’d ever eat.

So, I’ve left two pieces for others to find, with my email address, and haven’t heard anything about either of them. And I’m OK with that, because not every piece will be found by someone who won’t immediately throw it away, or who is comfortable emailing a stranger, or who even owns a computer.

But not everyone is so OK about this. There have been a lot of posts on the group board expressing sadness that there’s been no reply. And I’ve been leaving my thoughts, hoping that folks will realize that the joy in making art, and leaving it for some random stranger to find is in the making, and in the participating, and not in the response. The same way that making any art should be about the experience, and not about the feedback.

I’m hoping to make a few more pieces to abandon this weekend…