2013-0802wipAlthough my little fingers have been flying this week, I can’t really show you most of what I’ve done. It’s all for publication in the October issue of Bad Influence.

Here’s a shot of my work table from this morning. I’m working on a Day of the Dead self-portrait, and it’s about halfway done. I’ve been filming this and one other portrait as I go, so it can turn into a class on how to turn a photograph into a Day of the Dead portrait.

And yes, my work table does look like a tornado hit it. It pretty much always looks like that. And I’m OK with it looking like that. Every couple of years, I bring in a big trash bag, and throw out everything that’s annoying me, which sort of keeps the level of crap from rising to Hoarders level. That’s the best I can hope for if I want to continue working. It’s either a clean work room, or finished artwork. I’ve never managed to have both.

Outside, it’s the traditional hot and ugly that comes with August in Texas. My tomato seedlings are hanging in there, but most of the seeds I’ve planted in the last couple of weeks have been slow to sprout. I saw my first acorn squash seedling yesterday, and the first okra, but none of the eggplant has come in, and very few of the cowpeas. All I can do is keep watering, and let nature take her course.

Mostly, I’m just going with it, inside and out.