This week’s artwork is an altered cabinet card. I’m hosting a cabinet card super hero swap on Freakwerx, based on the work of Alex Gross, and Captain Glitterpants is my submission. Silly.

I’m in that period of summer where I don’t leave the house unless I absolutely must, keep the shades drawn, and wear as little clothing as possible (so it’s probably fortunate that I keep the shades drawn). It’s hot and miserable here. My whole front garden has gone dormant, and nothing is blooming. The vegetable garden is on hiatus for another two weeks, except for five sad tomato seedlings that may or may not make it to September. We had maybe two drops of rain last night, and that’s the only sign of it we’ve had for weeks.

I sort of fall into a mental lull when it gets this hot, which is unfortunate, because I have Halloween and Christmas goodies to design and get ready for cooler weather. As soon as kids go back to school and the heat dies off, people start stocking up on holiday stuff. I spend most of August thinking about Christmas, which just doesn’t ever seem right.