I know by now you’re probably tired of hearing how hot it is here in North Texas, but seriously, I have to whine a little. We’re on day 15 of temperatures over 100 degrees, with no break visible in the 10 day forecast. On Friday night, we had a power failure, and for two hours, there was no fan or air conditioner. I seriously question the sanity of whatever early settlers decided that this would be a great place to build not one, but two big cities. It’s scary hot outside.

Naturally, the heat is inspiring all sorts of wacky artwork. I did this summer suffering collage two years ago for an August page in a calendar swap. This week, I decided to rework it into an August postcard for random mailings on SendSomething.net. I’ve been enjoying making postcards to send out there. Why did I forget that I like doing this? Random mailing is just plain fun.

(I’ve also been turning some other old pieces into postcards lately, and posting them here. I’m sure there will be more in the coming weeks.)

I also finished up my work in Patti’s little altered book from the BYOB round robin. That work is posted here. I’m waiting now for Livia’s book to arrive. It’s the last book in this project, so my book should be coming home in the coming weeks.

I’ve already started a book for the dark round robin Corinne Stubson is hosting. The first mailing is September 15th, but because of the way I’m starting the book, I need to get moving on it. I’ll be posting pics here soon.

Mostly, I’m starting to feel like whatever weird slump I’ve been in is lifting, which is a good thing.