Today’s artwork is a set of pages I did in Luna’s journal. She made the mistake of saying she is a glitter whore, which I’m hoping means she likes sparkly things, because I just don’t want to think about what else it might mean. Anyway, as soon as I received her journal, I set to work doing glitter whore pages. I think I used every color of glitter glue I own in this one. And I feel good about that.

The triple digit heat broke this week, with an enormous, soaking rain. Overnight, my garden perked back up, and things turned green again. Starting with the weeds. In the days since, several plants in my front yard have started blooming, which is good, because we’re smack in the middle of the hummingbird migration, and I have lots of the tubular flowers they love so much, to help them along their journey. I have a Desert Willow tree planted right outside my window, and the tiny hummingbirds seem to like to perch on its delicate branches for a rest. The tree is in constant movement, because its branches are so fine, and any little breeze will set it waving about. It’s funny to watch the hummingbirds sit on the bobbing branches. I would share photos, but by the time I turn the camera on, they’re off again.

My area has been awash in controversy this week, as the big city on one side has decided to do overhead spraying against mosquitoes, which are the cause of an outbreak of West Nile Virus. The big city on the other side is spraying the usual way, by trucks that drive by in infested neighborhoods. My city uses this method, and while I don’t love it, I far prefer that to the overhead dumping of chemicals over my organic vegetable beds. On my list for today’s shopping run are organic mosquito bits to put in the birdbaths, so I don’t have to empty them, and leave the birds without a place to drink.

With the break in the heat—it’s now down to a frigid 94 degrees today—I’ve felt a little lifting of the lull I’ve been in. I’ve been finishing things left and right this week. It’s amazing how much more work I can do when I don’t feel like a giant sweat ball.