This week, I happened to read a blog entry from exactly a year ago. In it, I talked about turning off the air conditioner and opening the windows for the first time since June. That’s a big deal around here—opening the windows to let the cool air in, and generally air out the house after a long, hot summer. Unfortunately, with highs still in the triple digits, and lows in the 80s, that day is nowhere in sight.

I managed not to do much work on my journal for The Sketchbook Project this month, so when my local art group’s monthly journaling day rolled around on Friday, I hadn’t prepared any pages for backgrounds or textures. I finished a little lettering, and did one little section of a new set of pages, but mostly, it was a waste of my precious two hours of working time. I’m really going to try to get this book finished by the end of October, so I can move on to another project that’s been sitting undone for over a year.

Anyway, I did finish these rose pages this weekend. That’s something, right?