ChaosI’ve been playing with mail art lately. I started a mixed media mail art group on Facebook, and re-joined IUOMA, which moved to Ning since the last time I was a member. All of which means I’m mailing things to people. So I need things to mail, like this gluey postcard.

You may notice that the blog looks a little different today. That old, tired theme I was using for the past couple of years was terribly out of date. I kept trying to change it, but every time I went shopping for themes, nothing really interested me. I sort of wanted something less blog-like, and more visual. I finally found this theme this morning, did a few tweaks, and spent the afternoon adjusting all the galleries to fit the new look.

Since I had to tweak each gallery slightly, I decided to take this opportunity to purge. My work has changed so much in the last couple of years, and for a while now, it’s been bugging me whenever I see something pinned on Pinterest that I did over ten years ago. It looks so old and dated to me now. I finally bit the bullet, and removed much of my really old stuff, including a ton of altered book round robins. I have to do one more good sweep of a couple of the sections, and then build a few new pages to hold my latest work.

So, out with the old, and in with newer, fresher, brighter stuff. Onward…