Warning: three weeks from today, October 2nd, is my 52nd birthday.

I want handmade birthday cards.
Just cards and card-like objects.
Not stuff. Not ephemera.
I have more of that than you can even imagine.

Birthday cards. Handmade.
Bonus points if they include Ten Two Studios stuff.

Send them here:

Lisa Vollrath
400 E. Fuller Drive
Euless TX 76039

I *might* scan them and post them at Ten Two Studios.
If I do, *might* be sending you something in return.

I *might* be doing a 52 week art project.
One thing a week for the next year.
I’m thinking little artworks on cardboard.
“Little” being a relative term, since I’m working pretty large right now.
But I’m not sure yet.

I *might* give them away.
I *might* auction them off to raise money for charity.
I *might* turn them into a book-like object.

Regardless, you should send me a birthday card.