This week’s artwork is in Amy’s journal. This is the last set of pages I’ll be doing in our circle journal project, so I wanted to go out with a bang. Amy hosted this project, and I’ve been mailing to her all along—and conveniently, tomorrow, the day we’re mailing our books home, is her birthday. Go wish her happy birthday on her art page on Facebook.

Anyway, like a lot of the work I’ve done in this project, these pages are based on a conversation, and out of context, they probably don’t make much sense. So much so that I’ve decided to censor what’s inside, because without the background, the text could be offensive. So there. I’m not sharing. I think I’ve only done that once before, when I did some artwork concerning flag burning.

In other news: nothing. I’ve been doing endless data entry and uploading, trying to get my new business site ready to go. As of this morning, I’ve loaded 400 products—and every one of them is a sheet, set, or digital kit I’ve designed. That’s sort of frightening to me, that I’ve designed that much stuff in seven years. More, really, since I still haven’t loaded all the kits. No wonder I’m so tired.

Soon, I hope to be back to not sitting at the computer every day. Fall has finally fallen here, so for the next 15 minutes, the temperatures are mild enough for me to get outside and clean up the garden, and maybe get another small section of the front yard free of grass, and planted with more natives. Good Neighbor to the east of me has been mowing what remains of my front lawn all summer, and there’s one section that’s grown a little wild, because it’s not exactly squared off, and he’s been timid about walking into it.

Oh. Hey. In case I haven’t mentioned it lately, my birthday is coming