For years, I’ve been telling people a basic truth about me: I am NOT The Princess of Patience.

Waiting around for stuff to happen annoys the snot out of me. Unfortunately, every so often I hit a whole string of things that make me wait around for someone else to do something, or something to happen. It drives me right up the wall.

That’s where I am today, kiddies. Up that wall. I’ve been waiting for everything this week.

Let’s start with the weather. At this time of the year, it’s supposed to be in the 80s here, with lows in the 60s. Perfect for fall vegetables to take hold and go crazy. Except the heat hasn’t broken, and it’s still in the mid-90s, with lows in the mid or upper 70s. Things are dying. Fall planting is on hold, especially for crops that like it cold. I’m staring out the window at all the projects that need doing—and not doing them because it’s still hot enough to be dangerous to work outside for long periods.

Next up, my new round robin project. I should have received the first new book by yesterday. I didn’t. It’s still at the post office in Washington. I can stare at that tracking page all day, and it’s not going to make that book move any closer. I have no book to console me while I’m stuck inside, waiting for the heat to break.

Moving on to Squidoo. They sent me an earnings report this week, and I realized that even though I haven’t updated some of my pages there in almost four years, they’re starting to pay off. So, I wandered over, logged in, and started updating—because if really out of date content makes a little, perhaps really up to date stuff will earn more. I also started a few new lenses, because my interests have expanded. (You can view the whole list of pages I have there right here, and there are a few more coming.) One of the topics was instantly locked as being spam. It’s not spam, and there’s a process to have it reviewed and unlocked. I filed the form, but this happened on Friday afternoon, so that topic has been sitting there, staring at me all weekend. Also, the new pages I built and published over the weekend haven’t been indexed yet—there’s probably some script that does this that doesn’t run on the weekends. Don’t they know that NOT The Princess of Patience has pushed the publish button, and is tapping her foot, waiting for them to appear in all the appropriate listings?

And, last, but not least, I am waiting for next Thursday, when I will officially shut off the computer for four days, and go on vacation. I. Can’t. Wait.

On the plus side, I did manage to wind up a long project this week. The image you see in this post is that last of the four season-themed tip-in pages for a series of swaps I’ve hosted at Art Forty-Two. I now have four pages to represent each of the four seasons, and this afternoon, I’ll probably finish binding them together, and add some covers. It’s a pretty little collection.

So. That’s about it for this week. Next weekend, I may have some new photos of my favorite haunted house. Until then, I’ll probably just be here. Waiting…