I looked at my calendar today, and realized it’s Wednesday. The last time I looked, it was last Monday. I’ve lost a week…

Well, not lost a week, so much as worked right through it. I’m this close to having my first online class ready to post, and have been working like a mad woman to get things written and recorded and ready. I’ve shot 24 or so little videos, edited them, and converted them to Flash files, then uploaded them and inserted them into the classroom site. Who knew video was so labor intensive?

This morning, I forced myself to take an hour, and do these glue cards, so I’ll have them to swap at the local group meeting this Friday. I’ve been itching to make them, but the idea in my head is much better than the execution. Still, they’re done, and done is beautiful.

The other thing I did this week was buy a cheap web cam, and start playing with it on sites like Google+ and Ustream. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it yet. Video chat, anyone? Last night on Ustream, I watched someone working in her journal. Live. It’s a nifty toy, and probably what will finally drive me to buying a laptop, and setting up a wireless router.

The weather is lovely here for most of the day. We still have that ugly couple of hours in the afternoon where the a/c kicks on, but mornings and late afternoons as the sun starts to sink are pretty great. I should be working in the garden, but honestly, it’s too depressing at the moment. There are dead things there. Expensive dead things. I should replace them now, because fall is prime planting time for perennials, and all the nurseries are having sales to make up for all the revenue they lost during this brutal summer, when nobody was planting anything. I just hate pulling out dead plants. I feel like a gardening failure each time I lose one.

OK, back to work for me. Class eye candy is coming soon, because I’ve made half a dozen new books while shooting the videos.