Today’s art is an altered cabinet card, for a cabinet card super heroes swap on Freakwerx. We had so much fun with the first super heroes swap that we decided to do another one. I wasn’t sure I could do round two, but I’d started this as a second one for the first swap, and didn’t quite get it done in time. It took me three weeks to find the time to do the tiny bit of marker work on the mouse to finish this one up.

So. My big, ugly site moving project is done, and the new Ten Two Studios is up and running. You should go look if you haven’t. The whole shop section is completely revised, hosted off-site, and inserted into the my site with two lines of JavaScript. Because it’s that portable, there’s also a complete mirror of the shop on my Facebook page.

To make all this happen, I had to load all the products from the old site into the provider site, which hosts the cart and all the files for downloads. In the process, I dumped all the things I didn’t design—stuff like bottle caps and manila tags and such. I’m still loading things, but so far, there are 481 items loaded. That’s almost 500 collage sheets, sets, digital kits, and issues of The Monthly Muse, all designed by yours truly.

You would think that would be sufficient. I mean, there has to be something you can use amongst those 500 things, right?

Apparently not, because the number of emails I’ve received from people wanting to “use” things they see here on my personal site is rising. People wanting permission to print copies of my personal artwork to use in their own, or as a base for a project, or, in one case, as part of a class kit.


I always say no to these requests, because pretty much nothing I post on this blog is for sale, and it’s certainly not available for free use. Occasionally, I post something that I list for sale as a piece of artwork, or that eventually becomes something for sale my Zazzle shop, but for the most part, this is my personal artwork, that I do for me.

Not everything I do is for sale. Not everything I do is done for you. Some of it is just for me.

So here’s the deal: if it’s for sale, it’s listed at Ten Two Studios, or at Zazzle, where you can choose to buy it as it’s offered or not. If it’s not listed there, it’s not for sale. If it’s available for free, it’s with the 1,200 free sheets I have listed at Go Make Something.

And if it’s here, it’s available for looking. It’s for me. Not for you.

Not for sale.