03Today’s artwork is a set of gluebook pages from the big book I started a couple of weeks back.

I’m in a little bit of a creative lull right now. I have a pile of work things I should be doing, but I don’t really feel like doing them. I also have some new, fun toys to play with, but I think I shouldn’t until I get my work done, which makes me resent work all the more. It’s a stupid, childish circle. I should either get the work over with, or bust out the toys and have some fun, but I seem to be stuck doing neither. I promise to get over this soon.

Meanwhile, I’ve been gnawing on yet another round of “say thank you, dammit“. I posted a new freebie last week, and a boatload of people downloaded it—and maybe three of them bothered to say thanks on Facebook, or in the “tell me something good” box on my order form, or by replying to their order or download link emails. That’s four easy, convenient ways to say thanks.

So, to all the jerktastic people who went to Ten Two Studios and downloaded anything free last week: you’re welcome. Even though you couldn’t be bothered to thank me, you’re welcome.