So, no real artwork this week, because I’m juggling more than my usual number of squirrels. Between holiday orders, the countdown, daily eye candy posts at Ten Two Studios, and whatnot, I’m a little too scattered to do any worthwhile art.

Well, OK, I did do this. It’s going to be the background paper for a zombie apocalypse altered book layout. It’s about two feet wide, and designed to fold up to hide the apocalypse part until it’s unfolded. I’m also plotting out lettering placement, so closed it will say ZOMBIE, and open, ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. This is the kind of stuff I do while I’m sitting in front of the television.

Strangely, this background uses two of my own original photos, in addition to three stock photos. The line of mausoleums at the left, from one of the St. Louis cemeteries, and the wall at the right, from outside the Lafayette cemetery, were both taken in New Orleans in 2005, right before Katrina. I threw pieces and parts of quite a few photos from that New Orleans trip onto this piece before settling on this particular configuration. It’s strange that so much of what I shot there before the hurricane had the right look for what I had in mind. I really thought photos of desolation, like those I took recently in New Mexico, or decay, like those from The Woodmen’s Circle shoot, would have worked—but I kept coming back to the New Orleans folder. Weird.