hands2_07standingSo, here we are, in the last days of 2009, and once again, I’m looking back and realizing that I’ve made a ton of stuff this year—and that I’ve made virtually no personal art.

Personal art time, where I make stuff that’s for no purpose other than to grow myself as an artist, is continually elusive. I think “make more time for personal art” has been on my New Year’s resolutions list for the past five years. Every year, I’ve failed miserably, and it’s starting to become a concern. If I keep on churning out projects and products with relentless regularity, and never let myself just play and stretch—well, that leads to burn out, something I cannot afford to do.

So, in an effort to force myself to make that time, I’m going to blog about my art here at lisavollrath.com—something I’ve successfully avoided doing for quite a few years. I’ve never really wanted to blog about my art much, because it’s such a personal experience. Also, when it comes to art, I’d rather spend time making it than talking about making it. Perhaps there won’t be much talking involved in this blog. Perhaps it will just be pictures. I’m not sure…

Regardless, since the name of this section is My Weekly Thing, my goal is to make something every week. Something that has no real purpose other than I feel the need to make it.

One thing, every week. How hard could that be?