Last week, I showed a photo of the pile of stuff I was contemplating for my next altered book project, a bind your own book (BYOB) round robin. Here’s a peek at the almost finished book.

I sort of made up my own wacky binding, based on a cross between a tacket binding and a pamphlet stitch. Since all the pages are fairly sturdy, and the binding thread is hemp cord, it seems to be holding up well.

I’m thinking of adding a brass name plate to the front cover, and also clipping the tails of all those cords, and maybe throwing in some beads. I still have another week to play before I have to get serious about finishing it and sending it out.

This is going to be a garden-themed book, so I have an excuse to shoot even more photos of my ever-growing garden project. Right now, everything I planted this spring is filling out, and the summer flowers are just getting ready to bloom, because regardless of what the calendar says, it’s already summer here in North Texas. We’re going to have our first string of days over 100 degrees starting tomorrow.

More on this book soon, along with a new gallery for my work in this round robin project.