Red is a book I started in 2002, and set aside about halfway through. We had a player drop out of this RR the day of the first mailing, so I quickly grabbed this book and sent it out to fill the empty space. It meant that I was doing books in two groups instead of one, but since these looked like they would go fast, I didn’t mind.

About Red: I’d been saving collage items for some sort of asian-themed book for a while. I had pictures from National Geographic, origami papers, pages of Japanese and Vietnamese text, and even some handmade silk paper from a class I took. Still, something was missing. Then I saw an ad campaign that Reem Acra did for Elegant Bride featuring an asian model in some really out-there designs. The missing piece fell into place, and I started working on Red that afternoon.

The title page of Red. Red joss paper rubbed with red glitter glue, and computer generated lettering that’s hand tinted with markers