Today’s artwork is a page from the first journal in the Just 10 Pages project. Mermaids. Why don’t I do more mermaids? I love them.

So. The Just 10 Pages Kickstarter project is in its final days. If you haven’t joined up yet, you should get right on that. I’ll be making blank books to send out for rewards for Kickstarter backers before I post any for sale at Just 10 Pages, so backing the project is probably the only chance you’ll have at getting a book this year. Why? Because I’ll be sick of making them by the time I make enough to fulfill all the rewards!

I got sort of distracted this week, with the announcement that Squidoo, where I’ve been writing since 2006, is merging with HubPages. Full scale tizzy, trying to figure out how to make content from one site work on the other. We’re all sort of hanging out and waiting to have our old articles sucked over to HubPages, where I have no doubt they will arrive looking like that last piece of bacon in the package. (It’s a George Carlin reference. Google it.) At some point, I will be spending a lot of hours editing and expanding. This week, it was all about adding some new content over at HubPages, so I know how all the tools work. I write about two things: art, and vegan cooking. They’re both teaching people how to make stuff, because that’s really my best skill as a writer. You’ll find whatever I’ve written so far listed on my profile page at HubPages.

I think that’s it for today. I have art to finish, and video lessons to create for A Year of Altered Books—oh, that’s something I should say. I have a list of about 65 people who are interested in taking A Year of Altered Books in 2015. If that’s something you might want to do, and you haven’t signed up yet, you should. I’m probably going to announce that registration is open to that list first. Add your name here.