Today’s artwork is a set of altered book pages, from this month’s A Year of Altered Books lessons. You can see the alternate view of these pages, and all the samples I’ve done so far, here. I’m just about ready to start filming the class lessons for April. I really look forward to the last week of every month, when I can just focus on altered book work, and tune everything else out.

I’ve decided to offer A Year of Altered Books again in 2015, if there’s enough interest. I set up a form for those who want to be notified when registration opens, which will probably happen after Halloween. If spending a year learning a bunch of altered book techniques (and also, a bunch of stuff about composition, and how to create better pages) sounds like fun, add your name.

The Kickstarter campaign for the next issue of Bad Influence is still running, and has about two weeks left. It’s sort of stalled out at 86%, and I’m worried that it won’t make it to the finish line. I could use a little help, so pledge some money, or share the link. Whatever you can do to help me get the project to 100% funding will be much appreciated, since Kickstarter is an all or nothing proposition.

What else?

Oh, I started a free automagic email list, that sends out a couple months worth of weekly messages on how to train yourself to think more creatively. You can sign up for Mind Games here.

Ironically, with all that going on, I’ve spent this past week feeling like I have absolutely no creative ideas left. I think I need a vacation…