Today’s artwork is a stenciled piece I did specifically to sell. That’s a rarity in my world. I’m not the make pieces to sell kind of artist. I’m more of a make pieces to show how to do a technique, and sell it later on Etsy as a sample. But, I sold a stenciled piece earlier in the week, on an online gallery site, which I should probably add to the ever growing number of little round buttons at the top of the site that show all the crazy places you can find my work.

I sold art, for a real, grown-up price. It was a weird experience.

So, maybe I can dip my toe in the pool where the real artists swim, and see if anyone there will take me seriously. The money is certainly good, which is a big consideration, since I’m having a hard time keeping the financial ship afloat this year.

In other news, this week, I checked how I was doing with my so-called Weekly Thing. This blog was meant to motivate me to make something every week, to post and talk about here.

12 posts so far this year. Out of 42 weeks. Not so much with the weekly thing. That sort of lines up with my scattered, unfocused feeling. I can’t seem to concentrate on one thing, or decide what that one thing should be. Who should I be today? Collage sheet designer? Digital kit designer? Writer? Artist? I have too many things going on.

Here. Have a video, while I try to sort it out.