Today’s artwork: altered book pages, from my A Year of Altered Books class. The class is still humming along nicely, and I’m adding all sorts of lessons I didn’t plan originally, because the students are showing me what I should be teaching them.

You’ll be happy to know that my computer woes are over for now. I shipped the evil new one back to Dell, after having a local repair shop install a nice, new hard drive on my old system. It was a bargain. My old system works like new. Or in Dell’s case, better than new.

After spending 10 days juggling the new, bad computer and the old, dead one, I had to reinstall all my software, and transfer all my files. I lost a few things, but I also gained some room and speed, because the repair guys installed Windows, some drivers, and nothing else. Gone is all the bloatware that came with the original system. It moves much faster.

So. The last couple of weeks have been about catching up. I’m behind on the generating cash part of my life, which is never good. I missed listing some Valentine goodies—but I did manage to finish paper dolls this week, which always makes me happy.

Now, I just have to figure out how to replace those two weeks of lost income. New class, or massive sale, or something, coming soon…