Wings (2002)

Wings is a book I worked on with my friend Ellen. We each started a board book, doing about half, and then swapped. The book I chose is small and square, with a pop-up at the top of each page—something I thought would be fun to play with for this theme.

Anything Goes (2002)

Anything Goes: The Jazz Age Adventures of Neysa McMein and Her Extravagant Circle of Friends is the title of the book I entered in the Wine, Women & Song Round Robin. I knew I wanted to do something from the 1920’s for this RR, and the book title just caught my eye. Although Neysa McMein was a real person, I asked the players to make up events from her life, to send her on adventures and weave tall tales based on the minimal information I gave them.

Dark & Strange RR (2002)

The Dark and Strange Round Robin was based on artists like Gorey, Tim Burton, and the work of Zettiology stamp artists Tracy and Teesha Moore. Six players in my group created dark and strange works, and each of us took a different spin on exactly what dark and strange means.



Altered book pages made separately, and attached into a book later.